Here's To All The Rad Chicks Who Show Up Everyday

Words by: Andy Kovszun

I had the pleasure of working with a team of legends I very much look up to the other week, and was practically pinching myself during the entire process.

Had you told me a year ago, when I first started this blog, that I would be spending the day getting creative with a pro surfer and Roxy surf photographer, I would straight up have laughed in your face. But life works in funny ways, and so it was, we all got together to shoot the latest campaign for cosmetics brand Dr.Roebucks. How I ended up here, I really don't know -- but I'm oh so glad that I did. I met Cait before on a shoot so it was great to be in her bubbly, grounding presence again. Hanging and chatting with all round she-shredder and Billabong babe Felicity Palmateer was also a bonus, as I discovered she's just as cool as you'd expect a chick from Perth who charges 12ft+ waves at Jaws, to be.

Everything about this shoot screamed girl power. The founders, Aussie twins, Kim and Zoe, have passion for all natural, no nonsense skin care. It's great to see two entrepreneurs living their dream and sticking by their values. Simone Gray, the lovely soul who was directing all of us, flew all the way over from L.A. with her team to produce the entire shoot. And need I mention the wizard that was Ashlea Penfold, hair and makeup extraordinaire who made my Victoria Secret Angel dreams come true. Thanks Ash, I sort of didn't want to wash my face ever again after that.


They wake up every morning and show up, fearless in the pursuit of their dreams, knowing they are capable of creating and achieving amazing things. They inspire me to do the same. They are the reason I get excited to do it all again the next day, no matter the outcome, win or loose. They do not worry about how they look, or that there’s dirt under their nails, all that matters is their passion, and the message they want to share with the world. Athletes, creatives, artists, real women. Here’s to rad chicks who kick goals, however big or small, and who uplift each other in every single way.

The campaign has launched (you can head to their website for more info) and I can't wait to show all of you, in the mean time, these are a few sneak peaks and BTS shots of the day.

Dr Roebuck's

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