#SelfCareSunday: Lex Weinstein

Lex Weinstein is an ultra-talented surfer & creative director. We asked her how she unwinds for her weekly #SelcareSunday routine. Think: homemade kombucha, farmers' markets + face masks.

Lex Weinstein

What are the 5 songs on repeat that make you feel most relaxed?

  1. I Should Live in Salt - The National
  2. Windows - Sugar Candy Mountain
  3. Ke Ka'upu - Atta Isaacs
  4. River - Leon Bridges
  5. Mahadeva - Jai Uttal

Lex Weinstein

Do you like to indulge alone or with others? If so, who are your ideal self-care partners in crime?

I love both! I definitely savor my alone time, but I think it's amazing when my friends and I can encourage each other to prioritize self-care, pampering ourselves with face masks and belly laughs. My boyfriend is definitely my partner in crime - we love to surf all day, put on good music at night, cook delicious meals, have dance parties in the kitchen, enjoy a nice evening stretch, and share a bath before bed.

Lex Weinstein

Since it’s all about treating yourself, are there any special meals, snacks, juices or drinks you like to make?

I definitely believe that what we put in our bodies is an extension of the love we show ourselves that glows on the outside. A few of my favs: there's nothing like home-brewed kombucha - that definitely tops the list! My morning coffee is my favorite ritual, and I've been making bulletproof coffee just by grinding fresh beans, making a normal french press brew, then adding collagen powder and coconut oil in the blender and it's amazingly easy, frothy and delicious. The first thing I eat in the morning is chia pudding, just soaking the chia seeds in almond/coconut milk and adding bananas and strawberries or whatever fruit I have around. I also LOVE making huge salads with nuts, hemp seeds, farm fresh greens, shredded beets, carrots, fermented cashew cheese and a ton of other crunchy or roasted veggies. It's amazing how simple foods can be so satisfying! When I make food sourced locally from the farmer's market, high in raw fruits and vegetables, it makes me feel supercharged and ready to take on anything.


Sometimes it’s (really, really) hard to disconnect and live in the moment. Do you make an extra effort during your “me time” to unplug & if so, how?

Yes, it is SO hard. I find myself observing my own addiction to technology almost on a subconscious level and I feel miserable when I overdo it. So sometimes I just turn my phone completely off when I notice I'm binging. No vibrate, no silent, just OFF. I try to disconnect at night as well, because I think it not staring at a screen helps me sleep, and I'm thinking about buying an old school alarm clock to fight off the urge to check my phone first thing when I wake up after turning off my alarm. I also try to start and end my day with meditation and chanting to help give my day intention, purpose and gratitude, starting the day with "me time" really initiates better choices throughout the entire day.

Lex Weinstein

What’s your favorite part of your #SelfcareSunday regimen?

My favorite part of #SelfcareSunday is getting to do all the things I love and not feeling like I should be anywhere else, doing anything else. Giving yourself permission to indulge in what makes you feel happy, relaxed, and spiritually whole is a powerful tool of self-love. It makes me feel more present and more connected to what matters most.


Lex’s AM to PM #SelfcareSunday Routine

6:30 AM: Wake up and light candles, do a tarot reading, meditate for 20 minutes and chant for 20 minutes

7:30 AM: Crank some good music and start my skincare ritual - Dr Roebuck’s Byron 2-in-1 Mask + Scrub followed by the No Worries Hydrating Face Moisturizer, plus coconut oil to moisturize my body

8:30 AM: Run, ride my bike, go surfing - move my body!

10 AM: Breakfast with bulletproof coffee and chia pudding

11 AM: Go to the farmers’ market and stock up on fresh veggies, artisan breads, Moroccan olives and fermented cashew nut spreads

1 PM: Be outside - go for a hike, surf again, even just read a book in the hammock

4 PM: Yoga/evening stretch, either at a studio or at home

6 PM: Cook a delicious vegetarian dinner

8 PM: Epsom salt bath with lavender essential oils, Dr Roebuck’s Daintree AHA Brightening Mask

10 PM: 20 minute meditation and off to bed!

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